Bat Facts

We’ve learnt a lot about bats during the development of our ‘Bat Hat’ – here are some interesting facts that we would like to share with you.

In addition to causing disturbance to bats in the roost, artificial lighting can also affect the feeding behaviour of bats. In most bat species there is an evening period of activity followed by another at dawn. These two flights correlate with the peak flight times of nocturnal insect prey. Insects are attracted to light particularly if it is a single light source in a dark area.

Artificial lighting can increase chances of predation. It is believed that Plecotus & Myotis species shun bright light as a predator avoidance strategy. Many avian hunters will hunt bats which may be one reason why bats avoid flying during the day.

Any upwards light spillage should be minimal to avoid light pollution. Light can be restricted to selected areas by fitting hoods which direct the light below the horizontal plane, preferably at an angle less than 70 degrees.

Our ‘Bat Hat’ reduces the upwards light spillage of our omni directional LED by around 98% while remaining the same in profile. This means that you will still be able to see it, but it won’t bother the bats and insects as they fly overhead.

The Bat Conservation Trust have kindly agreed to help us evaluate the ‘Bat Hat’ in real situations with surveys showing there has been no disruption to the Bats by having these units installed near their colonies. We thank them for giving up their time to advise us with the development and testing and look forward to continually develop our conservation range.

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