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As part of the Lakeside Group – we have been involved in the road stud business for over 30 years. In 2008 we were exhibiting at a show when approached by a local cycling officer. He asked if we had a solar powered product for cycle paths and walkways – which we didn’t. He explained that there are several products on the market that would be suitable but as they are also designed for highway use they are chunky, over-engineered for cycle path use and too expensive for the budgets of local authorities. We were asked the same question several times during that exhibition and so our product development manager decided to look at the possibilities. He had been given a figure of what the cycle officer would be happy to pay per piece and worked backwards from this cost.

Designed and developed in the UK over 5 years using real time UK winters to test, it was early 2014 before the SolarEye®80 was ready to launch. Making it’s debut at Intertraffic in Amsterdam, we were delighted with the interest shown and made many contacts all over Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

Since returning from that show we have brought it to market in the UK and completed installations in cities such as Bristol, London and Cambridge.

With the help and advice of the Bat Conservation Trust we have been testing our re-engineered SolarEye®80 to develop a conservation friendly option. The ‘Bat Hat’ was launched in September after much interest from local authorities.

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The second path on the other side of the canal has a fence one side and a high wall the other meaning even more shade! Lakeside themselves were not convinced that the units would get anywhere near enough daylight to be able to function at all but lo and behold they are also working perfectly! A great solution for paths that desperately needed lighting but with no option for hard wiring – we have managed it. The next project will involve extending the installation down the full length of the canal path which is about 7km long.
Solareye®80 Customer
The first path was quite narrow, next to a canal with tall trees on one side so there is a fair amount of shade. We weren’t sure if the product would be able to work efficiently with this amount of shade but are delighted to report that this factor has not hindered them in the slightest and they are working perfectly well.
Solareye®80 Customer
The Solareye80 has provided a valuable solution to a section of a cycle path near to the Create Centre – a well used path by commuters in and out of the city – this path was crying out for lighting but to hard-wire would have been too expensive. This simple solution has made such a difference to the path, especially now the evenings are drawing in. We have been studying the performance of the units over the past  6 months and are very impressed.
Solareye®80 Customer

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