When organising a large outdoor event or festival, the organisation of portable conveniences is vital to get right. However, doing so is not always straightforward; there’s location, number, hygiene, and lighting to think about. Luckily, when it comes to illumination, our solar roof lights provide the ideal solution.

Solareye supplies quality solar lighting to local authorities and businesses across the world. For the portable conveniences market, our Solareye Roof Light offers quick installation, minimal maintenance, weather resistance, and is suitable for numerous off grid applications.

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about organising portable toilets for your festival or event.

Advice for organising portable toilets at festivals & large events

Type needed

The first step when it comes to organising portable toilets is to figure out the type you require. This will largely be determined by the demographics of your festival or event. Does there need to be an equal split of urinals to toilets, or more of one or the other? Equally, do the conveniences need to be child-friendly, and have baby changing facilities?


Another crucial detail to iron out is the number of toilets you need to hire or buy. It’s important to find a balance between spending beyond your budget and not providing enough – otherwise, you’ll be left with lengthy queues and dissatisfied revellers.

Food, drink & duration

The type of event you are running will help you determine the number of toilets you require. If you are providing food and drink, you will inevitably have to increase the number. If the event or festival is taking place in the summer months, as many do, you will have to increase this even more to account for the additional levels of thirst. In fact, it’s advisable to increase the provision of toilets by 15-25% if serving food and drink for a duration of more than 6 hours.


Festivals and events that extend into the evening or over several days will need to make sure their portable conveniences are properly illuminated so guests feel safe and comfortable using them at night. For many outdoor events, hard wiring is not an option. Instead of relying on generators, solar lighting can make a low cost, durable solution. Not only that but using them will also lower the carbon footprint of your event!

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Size of site

The size of your festival or event will also impact your portable convenience planning. You should have portable toilets located strategically across the site, within convenient distance of every densely populated area and especially near camping areas. If your site is large, you may have to increase the number of toilets you procure to facilitate this.


Finally, if your event or festival is taking place over several days, you may have to factor waste disposal into your plans. Regular servicing is necessary for any portable toilets that will be used by a large number of people over multiple days.

Lighting for portable toilets – things to consider

Guest comfort

Above all, if you’re putting on a large festival or event, making sure all guests feel safe and comfortable is your number one priority. That means providing adequate illumination outside and inside your portable conveniences is crucial.

Use frequency

The right lighting solution for your toilets will be affected by how frequently you expect them to be used. Having lights that are on all of the time is unnecessary and a waste of energy. A solution could be to opt for Solareye Roof Lights which are designed to only illuminate at night. In addition, their in-built motion sensor means they only activate when motion is detected within the toilet cubicle.


In order to illuminate your portable toilets, you’ll need to think through power supply. Some outdoor events opt for portable generators, but this is more costly than other solutions. Choosing a renewable, off grid energy supply is likely to be cheaper, more reliable, and better for the environment. Our solar lights operate using 100% renewable energy from the sun, providing total independence from the grid and no ongoing fuel costs.


Even summer festivals have to contend with the unpredictable nature of British weather. That means the lighting solution you choose for your portable toilets needs to be resistant to water ingress and able to remain fully functional even in the worst conditions.

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Benefits of solar roof lights for portable toilets

Solar roof lights offer numerous benefits when it comes to the illumination of portable toilets. If you’re looking for a low cost, high performing solution for your event or festival, you can count on Solareye Roof Light to deliver.

Our solar roof lights are also:

  • – 100% Green – by relying solely on renewable energy from the sun for power, our roof lights are a sustainable solution to your festival lighting needs. From full charge, they have enough power for 1,500+ illuminations.
  • – Low maintenance – with long life (8+ years) LFP batteries which don’t require changing, our solar roof lights are the fit and forget lighting solution you’ve been looking for.
  • – Waterproof – IP69K certification means our lights can withstand high pressure washing as well as anything the British weather can throw at them!
  • – Highly economical – being totally off grid, our solar roof lights present zero operational costs beyond the initial, cost-effective investment.
  • – Automatic – the inbuilt motion sensor activates the light when movement is detected, meaning it’s a hygienic and hands-free lighting solution.
  • – Easy to install – without the need for electrical installation or external batteries, installation is simple.

High quality solar roof lights for your portable toilets

Looking for a quick and easy lighting solution for your portable toilets? Solareye has the solution. Cost effective and quick to install, with no need for ongoing battery changes, Solareye Roof Light is Made in Britain from high quality materials and tried and tested to provide over 1,500 activations from a full charge.

Solareye Roof Light – How it works


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