Outdoor lighting is vital for the safety and usability of space and plays an important role in how aesthetically pleasing an outdoor area is. From private gardens to large public spaces, outdoor lighting provides necessary visibility for the safety and security of people.

If you are looking for outdoor lighting solutions for private and public large spaces, we have the guide for you! In this blog we explore important aspects to consider for purchasing outdoor lighting and cover the range of lighting options available for outdoor use.

Outdoor Lighting Considerations

There are various important considerations when purchasing lighting solutions, especially for outdoor use in large spaces.

Power Supply

Mains power connections are hard to accommodate in large outdoor spaces away from buildings, therefore power sources must be more applicable. Solar powered lighting is the most convenient solution for outdoor lighting, with each unit individually powering itself (requiring no wiring/connections) with solar energy, harvested with smart engineering to maximise power output even on cloudy days.


Outdoor lights must be resistant to water and more to withstand the elements they will be subjected to. Ingress Protection (IP) ratings denote how resistant electrical products are to the ingress of water and dirt; IP68 is the highest available rating and the best outdoor lighting solutions should be certified to IP68 to ensure robust and imperious solutions.


Outdoor lighting solutions should ideally require little to no maintenance, especially for large spaces. Public lighting solutions in towns and cities will be cared for by Local Authorities who likely will not have the resources to constantly tend to the hundreds of lights, therefore bulbs and batteries should be long-lasting to reduce upkeep.


In private outdoor spaces, manual light activation is possible, however this is unattainable for large public spaces. Motion detection triggering is common for security lighting and helps to conserve energy. Light detection activations (illuminating at low light levels) are the most convenient.

Environmental Impact

Modern lights often use the most energy efficient bulbs/LED’s, but consumers can go one step further and use renewable energy outdoor lighting solutions to help conserve the environment. Aside from energy efficiency, eco-friendly lighting also helps to reduce the impact of outdoor lighting on local ecologies, such as Solareye Bat Hats, which reduce the upwards spillage of light to minimise disruption to the feeding, breeding and movement patterns of bats caused by some types of artificial lighting.

Find out more about the importance of bats and how lighting solutions can be tailored to wildlife with our helpful blog on bats.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Here are some of the most popular outdoor lighting solutions for large spaces:


Floodlights are bright, powerful lights that illuminate entire expanses. Often used for communal spaces, frequently used points or areas with heavy footfall, floodlights suit private and public applications. Private floodlights are often fitted with motion sensors to act as security lighting, illuminating any persons detected on approach to a property. Due to the power demands and connection requirements, floodlights are usually used sparingly in both private and public settings.

Ground Lights

Great for pathways, cycle paths, or lighting up a change of terrain, ground lighting effectively illuminates areas and creates clear outlines. Creating a modern look, ground lighting units are often applied in towns and cities to light up pathways for pedestrians and cyclists for safety and security. Ground lighting is especially useful for lining areas where there may be hazards nearby, such as along a riverside.

Solareye®80 outdoor ground lighting solutions are the ideal off-grid, solar powered lighting solution for private and public applications. The small but powerful independent units can be simply installed in as little as 20 minutes, requiring no power connections, wiring, or groundworks, able to self-sustain for over 8 years. For cost-effective, environmentally friendly ground lighting, get in touch with Solareye. We have a range of case studies, for cycle paths, riversides and even fitness tracks, showcasing our product’s durability, and popularity with Local Authorities.

Bollard/Pillar Lights

Bollards or pillar lights can be used stylistically in private outdoor spaces to illuminate seating, light up paths, or highlight features. When used in town and city centres, bollard lighting proves effective at preventing vehicle access to spaces, helping to keep large outdoor spaces safe for pedestrians and cyclists without the risk of vehicles.

Hanging Lights

Large outdoor spaces may be illuminated with hanging lights, such as lanterns or a canopy of fairy lights. Although relatively ineffective at largescale lighting of a public place compared to other solutions, hanging lights are more for decorative use than functional. Hanging lights that emit a small amount of light suit private gardens well, creating a cosy feel in large spaces.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions from Solareye

Here at Solareye we specialise in creating low impact solar powered lighting solutions that conserve energy, reduce light pollution effects for wildlife, and increase safety and security in a variety of private and public spaces. Our flagship product, Solareye®80, offers a low cost, maintenance free, durable solution for Local Authorities and more looking to effectively light outdoor spaces without harming the environment. To find out more, check out our FAQs blog or get in touch with our friendly team!