Selecting the right solar ground lighting for your outdoor space can be a minefield. There are numerous options on the market, all with different qualities and features. It’s important to know what factors to think about when making a decision. But cutting through the marketing spiel and getting to the core of what a product can offer you is easier said than done.

Solareye are a family-run company, led by our experience in the traffic and pedestrian safety industries. We’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers of outdoor solar ground lighting, making us the first choice for many organisations and local authorities.

In this blog, we outline everything you need to know when buying solar ground lighting.

What is solar ground lighting?

Solar ground lighting is a kind of pathway lighting where the light unit is installed in a recess in the ground. This unit incorporates a solar panel meaning it is entirely powered by the sun and doesn’t require hard wiring. This makes solar ground lighting the ideal option for outdoor locations where connection to mains power is not an option. Solar ground lights are a great way to delineate pathways and help people find their way in the dark, creating a feeling of safety even in the late hours of the evening.

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Buying solar ground lighting – things to consider


Depending on your situation, installation might be a key factor to consider. LED solar lighting typically offers a low disruption solution, suitable for a variety of locations. It’s important to choose a lighting option that won’t require a costly and time-consuming set-up process. Our solar ground lights, for example, are simple and painless to install. Once in place, the adhesive takes only 30 minutes to cure, and full use of the pathway can resume after only 24 hours. Minimal disruption, minimal effort, minimal stress. In fact, in just one hour, 2 people working together can install up to 20 of our lights!

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Solar ground lighting is often used in settings that are, quite literally, off-grid. This makes maintenance is an important factor to take into account when choosing your solar ground lights. How much maintenance you will realistically be able to perform? If the answer is not very much, you’ll need to ensure you’re selecting products that are robust enough to handle everyday use without requiring regular attention. The benefit of solar lights is that they are generally unlikely to require much if any upkeep, but it’s important to check this out for sure!

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Working time after full charge/life

To extend the previous point, it’s important to choose a long lasting product that won’t need replacing. Checking out the life of your solar light should be high on the priority list! Ours, for example, have at least 8 years of battery life.

As well as this, what is the working time after full charge? A light that won’t be fully functional at night after a cloudy day isn’t going to cut it. You don’t want to leave people in the dark due to underperforming solar lights! After full charge, our lights have a working life of 400+ hours when flashing or 200+ hours when steady.

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Durability – it’s important. People are going to walk and cycle over your lights; they are in the ground after all. That means they need to be high quality and fit for purpose, able to withstand regular use. Look for LED solar lights made from durable engineering grade polycarbonate like our Solareye80, as these will fulfil IK10 standards of impact resistance. We’ve even pressure tested ours to 55 tonnes! It’s also important to check for the relevant accreditations. We’ve been awarded the ISO 90001:2015 – an internationally recognised quality standard demonstrating our commitment to providing industry leading lighting technology.

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Light spillage

If your site is based in a conservation area or you are ecologically minded, it’s important to consider the environmental effects of your solar lights. To combat the impact, choosing solar lights fitted with a cap such as our Bat Hat will help to moderate upwards light spillage. How does a 98% reduction sound?

Colour temperature

It’s also worth thinking about the colour of your lights. The International Dark Sky Association has recommended that outdoor lighting should be of a warmer colour temperature to limit the amount of blue light being emitted. This is because insects are attracted to blue light, impacting the feeding patterns and behaviour of bats.

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Choose lights that are able to detect when it is dark and when it is light. This will mean as soon as light levels drop, they will come on, providing instant illumination and comfort to anyone wandering around. This will also mean the lights turn off during the day when they aren’t needed, preserving charge for night time use. Solar lights with motion sensors can also dim or turn off completely in the hours of the night where there is minimal traffic, preventing unnecessary Artificial Lighting at Night (ALAN).

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It goes without saying, but if you’re buying outdoor lights, you need to make sure they’re waterproof. Don’t just read the marketing jargon and promises on the packaging. Instead, look for a IP68 rating. This demonstrates that the product in question meets the highest possible standards of water and dust ingress, ensuring your new lights will stand the test of time (and weather!).

Skid resistant

We’ve already mentioned the fact that, being ground lights, whatever product you choose, it’s going to get walked and cycled over. This means it’s important to make sure the light you choose is skid resistant to avoid nasty accidents. In the UK, we get more than our fair share of rain! Making sure your pathway lights are not hidden hazards in a downpour is, therefore, essential.

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The whole point of outdoor solar lighting is to help people find their way in the dark. So, the final thing you need to think about when choosing a product is what visibility will it offer users? Our Solareye80 ground lights have a 360° signal and provides visibility in excess of 500m.

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High quality solar ground lighting bristol

When it comes to solar ground lighting, Solareye are leading the industry. We’re dedicated to upholding the highest standards of technical excellence, helping businesses and local authorities all over the UK illuminate their pathways in the most cost effective, high performing way. From solar roof lights for outdoor structures to our signature solar ground lights, we’re leading the way when it comes to outdoor illumination. Give us a call and we can talk through your project.

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