If you’re putting on an outdoor event or festival, you’re going to need some portaloos! Choosing an effective lighting solution will keep your revellers happy and mean you have one less thing to worry about. As you’re likely to have limited access to mains electricity, a solar roof light can be a great option. Not only are they easy to install, but they’re eco-friendly and long-lasting too! 

Solareye was born in the traffic, cycle and pedestrian safety industries. As well as roof lights, we supply solar ground lighting for cycle paths and other outdoor spaces. Our clients love our high-quality solar lights because they create safe spaces, require hardly any maintenance, and illuminate without impacting the environment. 

In this handy guide, we explain why solar roof lights are perfect for events and temporary sites with portable toilets. 

Solar roof light applications & uses

Solar roof lights are a great solution to off-grid lighting, with plenty of applications. We think they work particularly well in portable toilets, ensuring people feel safe and comfortable using your facilities. From outdoor events to installations that will only exist for a short time, solar lights are the answer to your lighting needs. 

Here are a few places where they come into their own: 

  • – Outdoor weddings 
  • – Festivals 
  • – Construction sites 
  • – Outbuildings 
  • – Cycle storage 
  • – Campsites 
  • – Parties 

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Benefits of solar roof lights for portable toilets

No mains or external batteries

Solar roof lights are perfect if your site is off-grid and has no access to mains electricity or external batteries. As solar lights only require light from the sun to function, they’re a convenient option for any outdoor event or location needing to provide toilets. 

Helps people feel safe

If you’re organising an event or party, providing well-lit portable toilets and other facilities helps festival and partygoers feel safe visiting them in the dark. Suitable illumination means they can see the facilities are well-looked-after and hygienic, ensuring comfort and confidence. 

Lighting up an outdoor space or path is a great way to make people feel safe at night. Read our ultimate guide to pathway lighting here.  

Sustainable solution

Powered by renewable energy, solar lights can help you reduce your carbon footprint. With consumers becoming increasingly conscious of the environment, opting for eco-friendly lighting can make a statement about your sustainability, and reduce the impact of your event. 

Our solar roof lights are extremely energy efficient because they come with motion sensors, meaning they automatically turn off when the portaloos are not in use! 

Need more eco-friendly lighting solutions? Our Solareye80 is a great all-rounder. Or, if you’re in a conservation sensitive area, why not consider The Bat Hat? 

Stress-free installation

Solar lights work wonders for outdoor events that need to be installed and dismantled in a short period of time. This is because they’re incredibly easy to install and require little to no regular maintenance. With so many other things on your plate when getting ready for a party or festival, having a stress-free toilet lighting solution makes things a bit easier! 

To perform at their best, solar roof lights generally need around 16 hours of sunlight following installation. However, they can still be functional after only 2 hours of charge. 

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Long life span

High quality solar lights like our Solareye Roof Lights last for years, so you don’t have to keep replacing the lights in your portaloo or checking up on them every 5 minutes. In fact, our solar roof lights have an LED lifespan of 100,000 hours! 

Weatherproof and durable

The UK’s unpredictable climate means even summer events need to be prepared for some wild weather! Luckily, solar roof lights are durable and rainproof, so you can rest easy knowing that whatever the conditions might be, the lights in your loos will remain undamaged and fully operational. 

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How do solar roof lights work?

Ever wondered how solar lights actually work? We’re here to reveal all. 

Solar lights are made up of silicone chips or photovoltaic cells. When UV light passes through these cells, it creates an electric charge in a bit of metal underneath. This charge is then transferred along wires to a battery which stores the energy. During the day, most solar lights contain a photoresistor which interrupts the circuit to stop them coming on unnecessarily. At night or when low light levels are detected, the circuit reconnects and the light comes on.  

Discover the best solar roof lights for your event

Any off-grid or outdoor structure could benefit from solar roof lights. Whether you’re putting on a large scale festival, organising an outdoor wedding party or just want some top-class lighting for your shed, our roof lights are hard to beat! 

Solareye have years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality, sustainable lighting, and we’ve been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification too! 

To chat through your requirements with our industry-leading team of lighting experts, get in touch today. 

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