We’re very excited to announce the launch of a new LED colour option to our Solareye80 ground light range. Warm white is the 6th colour to be introduced joining white, red, blue, green and yellow with immediate effect.

Our solar ground lights were born out of the need to provide safe, appealing spaces for people to walk, run and cycle without compromising the natural beauty of an area or negatively impacting wildlife and biodiversity. For conservation sensitive areas or dark sky reserves, we introduced the Bat Hat which reduces upwards light spillage by up to 98%, in order to minimise the impact of artificial lighting on nocturnal animals.

So when we learnt that blue light emitted from artificial lighting can disrupt the feeding patterns of bats, we went about designing a warm white LED colour option to further enhance the ecologically friendly options in our range.

Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) or colour temperature for short is a gauge of how amber or blue a light is. It’s measured in kelvin (K) with a low CCT giving off warmer amber light and a high CCT giving off cooler blue light. Our original Solareye80 sits at 7000k which means it’s towards the cooler end of the amber-blue colour spectrum, whereas our new warm white colour option is around 2,700k, meaning it appears more amber, yet still just as bright (and therefore visible at distance) as the original Solareye80.

For the ultimate in ecologically sensitive lighting, why not team up a warm white Solareye80 with a Bat Hat?

If you have a scheme in mind which could benefit from warm white solar ground lighting, why not get in touch and speak to one of our specialist team.