Key Features

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The solareye roof light is perfect for the portable toilet market but flexible enough to be installed in other off-grid applications. Here are some of the key features the solareye roof light boasts:

  • Renewable Green energy
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance/operational cost
  • No electrical supply required
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Real time tested in UK weather conditions

During the hours of darkness, solareye roof light illuminates on detection for 35-40 seconds.

Technical Characteristics

  • Product weight: 220g
  • Product depth: 42mm
  • Product diameter: 100mm overall/86mm hole
  • Working time after full charge: 500+ cycles at 35-40 seconds
  • PIR: yes
  • Power source: solar-powered
  • Auto: on/off light sensor
  • Product type: solar powered LED ceiling light with motion sensor
  • Material: high impact durable engineering grade polymer
  • Fixing method: rivets, bolts or adhesive
  • Light source: LED (100,000 hours life)
  • Battery: long life LFP type battery included (8 years + anticipated)
  • Working temperature: -20c to 70c
  • Manufacturer guarantee: 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the solareye roof light?

The solareye roof light is a completely self contained solar powered light requiring no maintenance or battery changes.  It charges up during the day and lights up at night when it detects motion.

How is the solareye roof light installed?

Installation is simple requiring an 83mm hole that the roof light can fit through.  It can then be secured in place using adhesive, screws or rivets with an installation time of 5 mins.

How long before use following installation?

Depending on light levels it could take up to 16 hours to achieve optimum performance. However, it can provide illumination after 2 hours of exposure to sunlight.

Do you provide the installation service or can I do it myself?

We can provide a full installation service but if you would like to do this yourself, a step by step guide on how to install can be given upon request.

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The second path on the other side of the canal has a fence one side and a high wall the other meaning even more shade! Lakeside themselves were not convinced that the units would get anywhere near enough daylight to be able to function at all but lo and behold they are also working perfectly! A great solution for paths that desperately needed lighting but with no option for hard wiring – we have managed it. The next project will involve extending the installation down the full length of the canal path which is about 7km long.
Solareye®80 Customer
The first path was quite narrow, next to a canal with tall trees on one side so there is a fair amount of shade. We weren’t sure if the product would be able to work efficiently with this amount of shade but are delighted to report that this factor has not hindered them in the slightest and they are working perfectly well.
Solareye®80 Customer
The Solareye80 has provided a valuable solution to a section of a cycle path near to the Create Centre – a well used path by commuters in and out of the city – this path was crying out for lighting but to hard-wire would have been too expensive. This simple solution has made such a difference to the path, especially now the evenings are drawing in. We have been studying the performance of the units over the past  6 months and are very impressed.
Solareye®80 Customer

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