Close up of Solareye80 Bat Hat ground light unit from above
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Here at Solareye, we’re passionate about helping businesses and local authorities create safe, comfortable, and enjoyable outdoor spaces. However, this needn’t be at the expense of wildlife.

When we learnt that many nocturnal animals, and in particular bats, are negatively impacted by artificial lighting at night, we went about designing an ecologically friendly solar ground light, ideal for conservation sensitive areas and dark sky reserves. And thus Solareye80 Bat Hat was born.

Solareye Bat Hat is designed to reduce upward light spillage by 98% while maintaining the same profile and night time visibility for cyclists and pedestrians as the original Solareye80 ground light. By decreasing upwards light spillage, light trespass is reduced and the negative affects of light pollution on bats and other nocturnal animals is minimised.

Since its introduction the Solareye80 Bat Hat has been widely adopted by customers wanting to balance the needs of human activities with the conservation of natural ecosystems. The product has also been recognised in the professional fields of lighting and ecology, receiving recognition in both the Institution of Lighting Professionals’ (ILP) and Bat Conservation Trust’s Bats and Artificial Lighting at Night guidance note (GN08/23) and the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management’s (CIEEM) UK Bat Mitigation Guidelines.

Close up of Solareye80 Bat Hat ground light unit from the side
Technical characteristics


Solareye80 Bat Hat benefits from the same key features which make the original Solareye80 so popular, including:

  • Renewable & maintenance free green energy
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance/operational costs
  • No electrical supply required
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Fully sealed, waterproof unit
  • CE and IP68 accredited
  • Unique 360° visibility
  • Skid resistant
  • Light sensitive auto on/off for economical operation

Comparing Solareye80 Bat Hat to the original Solareye80

The Solareye Bat Hat maintains the same profile as the Solareye80 but reduces upward light spillage by 98% per cent. This video demonstrates the profiles.


Using a core drill, each cut is quick and simple. Fixing is by way of a two component all weather epoxy adhesive. For more details on how to install Solareye80 Bat Hat solar ground lights, check out our installation video below.

The benefits of Solareye80 Bat Hat

The below video looks at the many benefits of solar ground lighting to cycle networks.


We’ve learnt a lot about bats during the development of Solareye80 Bat Hat – here are some interesting facts that we would like to share with you.

Feeding behaviour

In addition to causing disturbance to bats in the roost, artificial lighting can also affect the feeding behaviour of bats. In most bat species there is an evening period of activity followed by another at dawn. These two flights correlate with the peak flight times of nocturnal insect prey. Insects are attracted to light particularly if it is a single light source in a dark area.

Predation increase

Artificial lighting can increase chances of predation. It is believed that Plecotus & Myotis species shun bright light as a predator avoidance strategy. Many avian hunters will hunt bats which may be one reason why bats avoid flying during the day.

Light pollution

Any upwards light spillage should be minimal to avoid light pollution. Light can be restricted to selected areas by fitting hoods which direct the light below the horizontal plane, preferably at an angle less than 70 degrees.

Light spill reduction

Our ‘Bat Hat’ reduces the upwards light spillage of our omni directional LED by around 98% while remaining the same in profile. This means that you will still be able to see it, but it won’t bother the bats and insects as they fly overhead.

The Bat Conservation Trust

The Bat Conservation Trust have kindly agreed to help us evaluate Solareye80 Bat Hat in real situations with surveys showing there has been no disruption to the bats by having these units installed near their colonies. We thank them for giving up their time to advise us with the development and testing and look forward to continually develop our conservation range.

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The Solareye80s have had a massive impact – helping to create an environment where people have told us they feel safe to walk.
Council Officer, Council in Yorkshire
Solareye80 has provided a valuable solution to a section of well used cycle path where hard-wired lighting would have been too expensive. This simple solution has made such a difference, especially now the evenings are drawing in.
Solareye80 customer
The Solareye80s have been a huge bonus to my local area over the winter months. I have felt so much safer walking my dog since their installation.
Anonymous resident of Rugby
Solareye Roof Light has solved our lighting problem. Now we can effortlessly offer lighting in our portable toilets for years to come without the bother of changing batteries or needing to rely on mains power.
James Griffin, Managing Director, Griffin Toilet Hire

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