Solar powered outdoor lighting is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to mains powered lighting. Bollard and ground lights provide pedestrians and cyclists with safe, guiding light during the hours of darkness. For city paths, riverside walks, cycle routes, residential developments and more, solar powered lighting creates an attractive aesthetic as well a safe and inviting atmosphere, without the need for costly and disruptive mains power connections.

Here at Solareye we design, manufacture and supply effective solar powered outdoor lighting with the environment and local biodiversity in mind. Our innovative Solareye Bollard Light has been designed with Northern European weather conditions in mind to ensure it stays illuminated throughout the night, even in the winter months. In this guide we explain how solar powered bollards work and the benefits they provide.

How do solar powered bollards work?

As the name suggests, solar bollard lights are not connected to mains electricity and instead are powered by solar energy. This factor is significant for reduced costs and environmental impact, as well as enabling the bollards to be placed in any location.

Solar powered bollards, such as Solareye Bollard Light, charge during sunlight hours by harvesting solar energy through a high efficiency monocrystalline solar panel. The built in photo sensor then automatically switches the light on at dusk and off at dawn, meaning that the bollard is only illuminated when it’s required, and no energy is wasted.

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Unlike many solar lighting products, Solareye Bollard Light is designed and built in Britain for UK weather conditions. Customisable light levels and an inbuilt motion sensor give you flexibility and the large capacity battery means it will illuminate throughout the night, even following the shortest day of the year.

Made in Britain and constructed to reach the highest vandal resistant rating, Solareye Bollard Light is almost impossible to break. It’s also certified IP68 waterproof making it ideal for flood prone areas.

Benefits of solar bollard lights

The above has hinted at some of the many benefits of using solar powered bollards, however the below shall provide detailed advantages.

Suitable for path lining

As bollards sit firmly in the ground and have deeper foundations, solar bollard lights are suitable for almost all ground types. While ground lighting can be installed in most settings, materials such as sand or gravel may present difficulties. Bollards lining a path, for example, do not face the same installation considerations.


Without the requirement of mains electricity and associated cabling, solar powered bollards can be installed anywhere from canal towpaths to countryside walkways.

Long lasting

Whilst the life expectancy of solar powered products vary, Solareye Bollard Light features a high capacity, long life battery capable of over 2,000 charge and discharge cycles, and with a life expectancy of 8+ years. This long battery life and ensured effectiveness for years is vital to the cost-effectiveness of solar powered lights. Once installed, the lights require no maintenance or battery changes, for many years.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike electricity, solar is considered an eco-friendly energy source. Solar power is also renewable; the sun continually provides power at no cost and without depleting natural resources in the process.

Improved safety

Solar bollard lights can illuminate walkways, parking areas, and other outdoor spaces, making them safer for pedestrians and vehicles.

Enhanced aesthetics

Solar bollard lights can add visual interest to outdoor spaces, highlighting landscaping or architectural features which creates a welcoming and visually appealing atmosphere for pedestrians to enjoy.

A happy medium

Our flagship product, the Solareye80 solar ground light was born out of the need for a product that bridges the gap between the ecologist that wants no lighting and the engineer that wants streetlights. For scenarios where something more than path delineation is required, but full street lighting is unviable or unnecessary, solar bollard lighting is a great compromise.

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Flexible and customisable

Some solar powered bollard lights, such as Solareye Bollard Light have customisable features which allow you to specify exactly how your bollard light operates to achieve the desired aesthetic, or for ecological benefit.

For example, Solareye Bollard light comes with either 180° or 360° illumination and the option to idle at a reduced light level, increasing to full illumination when the inbuilt motion sensor detects a path user approaching.

Learn more with Solareye

To find out more about Solareye Bollard Light and possible applications of solar bollard lighting, simply get in touch. Our team of experts can answer questions, offer advice and give guidance on the use of outdoor solar lighting.

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