Case Study | Affordable, practical lighting for the London Borough of Hounslow’s green spaces

Published 1:09pm December 11 2019

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Energy saving solar lighting installed along a shared footpath in Green spaces around the borough for year-round use

As part of the London Borough of Hounslow’s greenways programme and in a bid to promote sustainable travel behaviour to businesses, schools and residential areas, the borough has been developing a network of shared use footpaths catering for cyclists, pedestrians and mobility impaired people. The London Borough of Hounslow needed a cost-effective lighting solution that was energy efficient, low maintenance and provided wayfinding light along a shared footpath within the greenway to enable access all year round. Cost-savings are becoming an increasing necessity for public authorities as they try to manage limited budgets, but more importantly, the safety and wellbeing of residents and visitors remain their top priority. London Borough of Hounslow is no exception to this and therefore when looking for lighting solutions needed an affordable, practical option that would provide wayfinding light all year round for many years to come.


This project aimed to connect a school entrance to a controlled crossing over a major arterial road in a residential area populated by many students, the path is 2.5 meters by 200 metres and connects directly to a previously unused exit at the back of the school. London Borough of Hounslow was faced with a need to provide a lighting solution that would give wayfinding light and enable school children to access their local school all year round. With the rise in electricity prices and the cost of traditional lighting schemes, the challenge, however, was selecting quality lighting while wrestling with limited budgets.


Lakeside Group’s solareye®80 was the perfect choice for the project, an outdoor solar powered ground light designed for cycle-ways and pathways. Through harnessing power from the sun, solareye®80 lighting provides significant cost savings and minimal impact on the environment. The environmentally friendly lighting option provided the borough with the affordable wayfinding light that they were looking for while giving the community an enhanced feeling of safety and security. Lakeside Group had been chosen by The Borough of Hounslow to supply and install the solareye®80. Installation is simple, requiring little disruption and no hard wiring making it a practical, hassle-free option that has little impact on the local environment.  Once in place, the lighting will virtually look after itself, requiring minimal to no maintenance, making it an economical lighting solution.


Tested in UK weather conditions with ongoing rigorous quality control, solareye®80 is proven to work all year round. Solareye®80 offers a practical, economical and sustainable lighting solution in areas off-grid or that do not warrant full lighting schemes.

“Full lighting is regularly out of reach for us due to budget limitations. However, having a path that can’t be used in the depths of winter when children still need to go to school didn’t seem acceptable. Solareye®80 ground studs deliver an affordable and practical wayfinding light solution all year round.”
– David Wilson, Transport Projects Officer,  London Borough of Hounslow



If you have an area that requires night time delineation or way marking, installation of the solareye®80 is:

• Simple to install and maintenance free

• Cost effective, thanks to low installation costs

• Certified waterproof (IP68) and vandal-proof/impact resistance (IK10)

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