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Published 11:19pm September 22 2018

Safe, sustainable and simple to install: Innox Park choose solareye®80 ground lighting.

Parks and open spaces provide an abundance of leisure and recreational opportunities while also benefiting people’s physical and mental health.

The public recreation ground – Innox Park, was given to the council by the Carr family in 1909 so that residents and visitors could enjoy this vital resource and appreciate views over the City of Bath.

The park which is managed by Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Council and positioned between two housing areas, has a footpath running between the two. The council selected Lakeside Group’s solareye®80 to highlight the existing unbound pathway and guide people to move safely around at night.

The Challenge

BANES Council were looking to source economic lighting along the footpath, but in the absence of a budget to pay for the ongoing maintenance and running costs, conventional street lighting wasn’t an option.

With an area that was off the national grid but needed a wayfinding lighting solution, BANES council required a cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting but without compromising on public safety.

The council approached the Lakeside Group following a recommendation about their sustainable and simple to install solareye®80 ground lighting.

The Solution

BANES Council met with professionals from the Lakeside Group at the site in Innox Park to discuss their requirements, look at prototypes and to develop a bespoke installation procedure, assuring greater accuracy and management over the project.

The solareye®80 – designed and supplied by the Lakeside Group was incorporated into a special fixture – to allow fitment into the unbound surface.

It was recommended to the council as a cost-effective alternative to conventional lighting. Powered by the sun, the solareye®80 is a robust, self-contained unit. With no environmental disruption or construction costs caused by underground wiring, installation is simple.

Despite the unbound surface of the footpath at Innox Park, the solar units slotted seamlessly into their environment. The lights not only have a skid resistant surface, but they are certified waterproof (IP68) and vandal-proof (IK10), so once they are in place they will virtually look after themselves.

The Benefits

“solareye®80 is a great product.  The team at Lakeside Group worked hard to ensure that the ground light could be installed into an unbound surface, which has enabled us to highlight the pathway economically at night, helping users to feel safer.”

Paul Pearce, Team Leader Parks and Trees, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Now, BANES Council has a sustainable solution that is not only financially shrewd but is positive for people and positive for the planet. Comments from local residents have been very positive, and a welcomed improvement for the use of the path at night.

Want to find out more?

Full brief can be downloaded here

Proven to work well all year round, you can trust solareye®80 in any environment.

Whether your installation is into conventional asphalt / concrete surfaces, or an unbound bridle way, Lakeside has the solution for you.

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