Solar roof lights are a great portable light solution that provides necessary illumination with minimal environmental impact. For those looking for cost-effective off-grid lighting, solar roof lights offer the perfect answer.

What is a Solar Roof Light?

Solar roof lights sit in the ceiling of structures to provide light using renewable energy, solar, as power. The solar panel on the light harvests solar energy during the day to charge the battery and produce light once it is dark. Often, solar roof lights are triggered by motion sensors to light up for a short period of time and can be reactivated if needed.

These energy- and cost- efficient lighting solutions are ideal for mobile structures, as they do not require mains connection. Also, as the battery is recharged automatically, there is little to no maintenance involved in solar roof lights.

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Where Can Solar Roof Lights Be Used?

As solar roof lights are self-powering and do not require mains connection, they are suitable for use in outbuildings or portable structures.

Frequent applications include:

  • Portable toilets/bathrooms
  • Cycle storage
  • Outdoor shed
  • Storage building.

How Are Solar Roof Lights Installed?

Solar roof lights are quick and easy to install. A Solareye®80 solar light, for example, can be simply installed in 5 minutes with or without the help of a specialist installer.

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To begin, an 83mm hole is required for the roof light to fit through. Then the light can be secured with adhesive, screws or rivets. A rubber washer ensures a watertight seal to prevent any rain entering the structure.

Once installed, the solar light will need time to charge and harness solar energy. Depending on the light levels, up to 16 hours of charge may be needed for optimum performance. However, illumination can be achieved after only 2 hours of sunlight exposure.

Benefits of Solareye Roof Lights

Solareye roof lights are uniquely created to provide cost-effective, lightweight and simple lighting solutions which perform well without negatively impacting the environment. Here are some of the top benefits of using Solareye roof lights:

  • Portable – As solar roof lights do not require mains connection, they can simply be installed and used wherever. This makes them perfect for use in mobile facilities, such as portable toilets or bathrooms, or outbuildings such as sheds, where time inside is brief and therefore doesn’t warrant mains connection.
  • Long lasting – Solareye roof lights use LFP-type batteries that can last 8+ years.
  • Durable – Solar roof lights are made from high impact durable engineering grade polymer and can function in temperatures ranging from -20c to 70c.
  • Effective – After one full charge, a solar roof light has a working time of over 500 cycles, each lasting 30-45 seconds. Solareye roof lights are tested in UK weather conditions to give accurate and reliable working time estimates for the correct climate.
  • Automatic – Lights that are triggered automatically are more efficient as there is not risk of being left on accidentally.
  • Cost-effective – The initial investment for solar roof lights is low, and ongoing costs are non-existent, for example batteries do not have to be replaced as they can be recharged.
  • No maintenance – Once installed, solar roof lights do not require any maintenance or associated costs, such as electricity.
  • Easy installation – Solar roof light installation is simple, quick and doesn’t require expert assistance unless requested.
  • Green energy – Due to the use of renewable energy to power solar roof lights, they are extremely green and have low environmental impact, especially compared to non-renewable alternatives.
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We help city councils, footpath maintainers, caravan site owners, portable toilet providers and more ensure safety and comfort with effective lighting without compromising carbon footprint. Using innovative technology, renewable energy sources and smart planning, we help people stay safe while caring for the environment. In fact, we even provide products made with bats in mind to keep areas lit for humans without disrupting bats.

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