Solar lighting has the potential to enhance any outdoor space. Not only does solar provide a green alternative to grid-reliant lighting, but it also enables businesses and local authorities to achieve high levels of illumination without the cost and disruption.

Solareye are passionate about championing the potential of solar lighting to transform outdoor spaces, cycleways, and footpaths, without impacting nocturnal wildlife as a result. From roof lights to ground lights to our innovative Bat Hat, we’re always finding new ways to deliver for our clients.

In this blog, we outline the many reasons why you should choose solar ground lighting for your outdoor project.

Reduce carbon footprint

Choosing solar ground lighting can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your project, not to mention your organisation as a whole. This is because solar lights function using 100% renewable energy from the sun, meaning no carbon is necessary to provide sufficient illumination. With everyone from private landowners to businesses to local authorities facing increased pressure to take steps towards net zero, solar is a must for any outdoor lighting initiative.

Create attractive outdoor spaces

Solar lights present an easy, low cost way to create beautiful outdoor spaces that are a joy to spend time in. Whether you want to achieve a dramatic lighting effect on private land or help members of the public safely navigate a footpath, solar lights have varied design potential. By altering the colour temperature or arrangement of the lights, you can achieve a range of different results – delineating paths and drawing attention to special features.

Improve perceptions of safety

Places that are well-lit make people feel safer. As a result, using solar lights to illuminate your outdoor space will help pedestrians and cyclists to move around with confidence at night and in the winter months. For women in particular, knowing there is a lit route they can use to move around safely and comfortably will offer an invaluable sense of freedom. With up to 500m visibility, solar ground lights present a highly effective means of cultivating safer public spaces for all.

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Encourage activity in the evening

If public places are better lit and the public feel safer, it goes without saying that they will be used more. That means by installing solar lighting you will be encouraging people to extend their leisure activities into the evening. In our sedentary lives, any steps we can take to boost exercise and activity levels are worth taking. With more people out and about, you will be cultivating a more cohesive community that is healthier both physically and mentally. Solar ground lights are perfectly designed for delineating cycle paths, making it much easier for cyclists to navigate efficiently in the dark.

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Limit impact of ALAN

Artificial Lighting At Night (ALAN) is a big problem – disrupting the behaviour of nocturnal wildlife like bats and moths, reducing the visibility of dark skies, and even altering the seasonal cycles of plants. The good news is that solar lights can be adapted to nearly eradicate their impact. For example, you could opt for a warm white LED colour temperature which is less attractive to insects or consider fitting your lights with a device that limits upwards light spillage. Our Bat Hat achieves a 98% reduction!

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Benefits of solar ground lighting

We’ve covered some general reasons why solar ground lighting makes the perfect option for your project. But what are the tangible benefits you will experience when you go solar? Below, we outline the most noteworthy.

Low carbon energy

As we’ve discussed, solar is a 100% renewable source of energy, meaning it comes with no carbon emissions. For any organisation working to achieve net zero, these savings will be highly desirable.

Reliable light, 365 days a year

Solar lights don’t rely on electricity to function. That means whatever is happening elsewhere, your lights will remain fully functional. Don’t let a blackout disrupt the illumination of your outdoor space.

Low cost, low disruption installation

Solar lights are incredibly easy and quick to install – music to the ears of busy local authorities and businesses! With solar, you eliminate the costly and lengthy processes of trenching grid power and installing metres.

Independent of the grid

Independence of the grid presents numerous benefits – including year-round, all weather dependability. It also means they can be used in locations where hard wiring would be impossible.

Minimal maintenance

Made of high impact durable engineering grade polymer, solar ground lights require minimal maintenance. They are even cleaned naturally by rain, and have a battery life of over 8 years, and an LED life of 100,000 hours.

Weather resistant

Solar ground lights are completely sealed and waterproofed to IP68. That means whatever the weather, your solar lights will be fully functional.

Zero energy bills

With energy prices soaring, the chance to eradicate energy bills entirely is a significant advantage of installing solar lights in your outdoor space. For local authorities and businesses watching their bottom lines, solar ground lighting presents an opportunity to achieve substantial savings.

Trusted supplier of quality solar ground lighting

Solareye is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of outdoor solar lighting. With our roots in the traffic and pedestrian safety industries, we’re committed to helping businesses and local authorities create safer, more comfortable outdoor spaces for all – without impacting the environment.

Discover our full range of products or contact a member of our team to find out more!

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