At the end of a busy day your garden decking provides the perfect spot for you to relax and feel close to nature. These multi-functional spaces are also ideal for outdoor dining and entertaining guests. If you’re going to be using your decking after the sun has gone down, it’s a good idea to consider some form of outdoor lighting. Not only does lighting your decking provide a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing look, but it will also make your deck safer – an important consideration if you plan to spend a lot of evenings outside.

However, with rising energy costs, the added expense and complication of an outside power supply, and environmental implications to consider, it’s not always a straightforward decision. One option, that solves all of these issues, is solar powered lighting.

At Solareye we are committed to supplying environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, high quality solar lights for your decking. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing why solar lights are ideal suited for deck lighting, whether solar lighting products are any good, and the options are available.

If you’re looking for quality solar lights for your decking, feel free to browse our products!

Why are solar lights good for garden lighting?

While there are many different options for garden lighting, such as battery-powered lights or ones that are hard-wired into the mains electricity, the most versatile and cost-effective are often considered to be solar powered lights.

Solar lights come with a number of benefits that make them a great fit for outdoor living spaces, and as their energy comes exclusively from the sun, they can be positioned almost anywhere with no requirement to dig up the garden to run mains power cables from your property.

Some of the other benefits of solar lights that make them good for garden lighting are:

  • – They’re sustainable.
  • – They have very little environmental impact.
  • – They’re cost-effective.
  • – They have almost no ongoing maintenance requirements.
  • – Ecologically friendly options are available.

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Will they work at night?

Yes! Solar lights gather energy during the day, storing it until it gets dark and then using it to provide gentle illumination for your decking or outdoor living space.

Solar lights from Solareye have light-detecting on/off features that allow them to automatically activate when it gets dark and deactivate when the sun comes back up. This means no energy is wasted and you get the lighting you need, when you need it.

Are decking solar lights any good?

Solar lighting sometimes has a bad reputation, but it’s like anything – you get what you pay for. If you’re buying cheap solar lighting from a high street superstore, it will likely have been produced abroad as a low-cost product with a relatively short life expectancy. These types of products are also often designed without much consideration to the typical levels of solar power that can be generated in the UK.

As a result of the above factors, cheap solar lights are unlikely to be able to generate sufficient energy to illuminate throughout the winter months, and probably won’t last more than a couple of years before dirt and water ingress cause damage to the circuitry and prevent the lights from operating.

If, however, you choose quality solar lighting which has been specifically designed for UK weather conditions, from a manufacturer with stringent quality control and all the necessary credentials to ensure that the products they produce will stand the test of time, you can rest assured that your solar decking lights will continue to beautifully illuminate your outside living spaces for years to come.

Benefits of solar lights for decking

Some of the key benefits of solar lighting for decking are:

  • – Low-maintenance. Unlike battery powered lights, solar lights don’t require any kind of battery maintenance. Solareye80 ground lights from Solareye have long-life LFP batteries which have an anticipated life expectancy of eight plus years, meaning it will be a long time before you need maintenance of any kind!
  • – Cost-effective. Increasing energy prices mean mains-powered lights can be expensive to run, so you may only choose to use them sparingly. Solar lights, on the other hand, have no ongoing running costs, meaning you can enjoy seeing your outside space illuminated automatically every night throughout the year, without it costing you anything, after the initial purchase price of the lights.
  • – Environmentally friendly. Our solar lights help reduce your impact on climate change, providing a greener option compared to other types of garden lighting.
  • – Wildlife-friendly. Protect the natural ecosystem of your outside space, garden, or decking, by choosing lights designed to provide minimal impact to wildlife and light pollution.
  • – Easy to install. With no mains electrical supply required, you can move your solar lights around your decking until you achieve the desired look. If you’re confident of the security of your outside space, you may not even choose to fully install your solar lights, giving you the flexibility to create different lighting designs as and when you choose.

With the wide range of benefits supplied by outdoor solar lights for your decking, you can enjoy illumination at night that doesn’t hurt the environment, wildlife, or your wallet, while also providing a low-maintenance solution that will last for years to come.

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Different types of solar lights for decking

We offer many different types of outdoor solar lights that are suitable for decking and gardens. With a wide range of products available, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Our products include:

Easy to install, eco-friendly, ground lights in a range of colours.

Solareye80 Bat Hat
Our ecologically sensitive ground light reduces upwards light spillage by 98%, yet provides the same gentle wayfinding illumination as the original Solareye80 ground light, making it ideal for conservation sensitive areas.

Solareye Bollard Light
For when greater illumination is required, Solareye Bollard Light beautifully illuminates your outside spaces, highlighting architectural features, paths and paths.

Solareye Roof Light
Motion activated solar powered roof light, great for garden structures and sheds.

By taking advantage of the solar light products offered by Solareye, you can be sure that you are getting the best experience when using your decking or outdoor space. All of our solar lights are certified either IP68 or IP69 waterproof, and IK10 impact rate, meaning they’re very robust and built to last.

Outdoor decking solar lights from Solareye

Enjoy full use of your outdoor space by choosing solar lights from Solareye. Our lighting solutions are easy to install with no wiring complications, low-maintenance, and long-lasting – providing the ultimate form of stress-free lighting to help you relax.

Suitable for decking, gardens, and outdoor living spaces of any kind, our products are a great choice to provide eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable lighting that helps to illuminate your surroundings at night.

Start making the most of your decking – browse our range of products and choose the best one for you! If you’re in the need of commercial or public outdoor lighting, feel free to get in touch; otherwise read on with some of our related articles:

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