Solar lights are useful for a number of different applications, but the place where their self-sustaining autonomous nature adds the most value, is in remote locations. At Solareye, we have a long history and extensive experience in designing, producing and installing quality solar lights for cycle paths, walkways, public spaces and amenities.

In this article, we will go over the places you can put solar lights, their usefulness in remote locations, and some insights into lighting for large areas.

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Where can I use solar lights?

Solar lights, by their very nature can be used anywhere that there’s sunlight, but they also have additional attributes, such as their self-charging nature and low maintenance requirements which make them ideal for remote locations. In addition to the practical benefits of solar lighting, they also have economic and environmental benefits which can’t be ignored.

Our products have been used in many locations, for various purposes, as showcased in our case studies. From footpaths, parks and cycleways to waterside locations, quarries and storage facilities; there’s no end to the potential uses for solar lighting, whether that be ground lighting, bollards or roof lighting.

Our full range of solar lights are made from industrial grade polycarbonate, so they are built to withstand wear and tear, weather, and acts of vandalism. Our Solareye80 ground lights come in a range of colours, ecologically friendly options and the choice between continuous or flashing light emission. Solareye Bollard Light, also benefits from flexible features such as 180- or 360-degree illumination, two colour options and motion sensor activation, allowing you to select the right product for your requirements.

Solar lighting is quick to install, sustainable and great for use as a safety feature. Motion sensitive roof lights can be used to illuminate bus stops, sheds, storage facilities and portable toilets whereas solar ground lights can illuminate entry gates, barriers and demarcate pathways. To speak with us about your solar lighting requirements, feel free to contact us.

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Solar lights for remote building sites

Remote building sites come with a number of challenges for project managers and developers. One such challenge that must not be overlooked is the sanitary requirements of your workforce. Having a portable toilet on a building site is standard, but in winter months or for late night construction projects such as on roads it may become too dark in a porta-loo to see. That is where Solareye Roof Light comes in handy. This sustainable lighting solution illuminates the porta-loo with the power of solar energy it has stored throughout the day and requires no maintenance for its 8+ years of life.

Portable toilets on building site

Solar lights can also be used on remote building sites to line the edges of pathways or highlight obstacles such as barriers or gates, both of which help guide workers safely around the site after dark.

solar lights on entry barrier

solar ground lights on path with gate

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Solar lighting for public spaces

There’s an argument to say that public spaces should be well lit. Without adequate light, pedestrians and cyclists may not be able to see the way clearly, which can present a potential safety hazard.

Of course, one solution could be to install lots of mains powered lights. However, there are many factors to consider, not least the costly installation costs, ongoing energy bills and the environmental and ecological impacts of these types of lighting. These problems are only enhanced further in remote locations.

Fortunately, solar ground lights such as Solareye80 are perfect for these purposes. Providing enough light to demarcate the paths, these low-maintenance solar powered lights are a great way to increase the sustainability and safety of public spaces. If ecology and light pollution are a concern for your remote location, you can minimise the impact of your lighting on nocturnal animals by using our innovative Bat Hat!

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Illuminating solar lights with Solareye

Solve your remote lighting needs with products from Solareye. Far cheaper to install and maintain than mains electrical lights powered by fossil-fuels, our products are built with the future in mind. We’re driven by safety; whether it’s walkways, or public amenities, our products are designed to meet your requirements.

With solutions for remote locations from building sites, roads, paths, and more, you can be sure that both you and the public are in safe hands. Our tried and tested lights are the perfect fit for any remote outdoor project to provide sustainable, eco-friendly light that is quick to install and pleasing to the eye.

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