When it comes to festivals and outdoor events, traditional lighting methods are cumbersome, expensive, and can present a logistical nightmare. A sizable music festival can consume up to 30,000 megawatts of electricity over a weekend which is about the same as a small city! This extremely high-power usage has attracted criticism for historically generating power from fossil fuels and creating a large carbon footprint. A key priority for many music festivals and large outdoor events is now to reduce their environmental footprint and one way in which that can be achieved is to consume power generated from cleaner greener sources.

On top of that, electricity isn’t always well-suited to outdoor events, where there is the risk of water damage, no mains connection, or expansive areas to wire.

As spring arrives, festival and event planners are getting in the full swing of setup, and lighting plays a huge role in that.

This article from Solareye will explore the ways in which companies can join the movement to reduce their energy usage, carbon footprint, and logistical headache at festivals and outdoor events in the months leading up to summer, without compromising on the benefits of a well-lit event.

How can solar powered lighting be used at festivals and outdoor events?

Solar powered lighting is incredibly versatile and can be used in all sorts of locations for a variety of applications. From riverside walkways, to countryside cycle paths, to lighting remote disconnected locations, solar lights are used all over the UK and further afield.

Below are just some ways solar powered lighting can be used at festivals or outdoor events to elevate the experience, without a hefty bill or environmental toll. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our lighting ideas for large outdoor spaces.

Portable toilets

Portable toilets, porta-loos, porta-johns – there are many names for the portable toilet solutions used at festivals and larger outdoor events. By the very nature of these, they can be picked up and situated wherever needed, and therefore really don’t suit wired electrics.

Instead, portable toilets are a great application for solar powered roof lighting. With long battery life, no maintenance requirements, and motion sensors to activate the light, solar roof lights are the obvious lighting solution for portable toilets.

If you’re not sure how to get started, read our guide to lighting a portable toilet – it really couldn’t be easier to install!

Line pathways

Large outdoor events, especially festivals, can be sprawling, with stages one end, bars the other, and loos dotted around. All the different areas coupled with lots of people can make it hard to find your way – but solar lighting

Highlight entrances and exits

As above, it can be easy to get lost in an outdoor space as it gets dark. Showing entrances and exits clearly can guide people to where they need to go – especially when tired at the end of the night.

When is the best time to use solar lighting?

Typically, most outdoor events are held in the summer months, when event goers can rest assured that they will be warm while outside. This is a great opportunity to install solar lighting, as the long warm days guarantee the lights obtain maximum sunlight, optimising their illumination efficiency.

What are the benefits of lighting your outdoor event with solar lighting

  • No maintenance – When self-contained solar lights are chosen, there is no need to monitor cables and sockets for wear and tear or worry about how much energy your power supply might be using. The only requirement is to ensure that solar panels remain clear of any significant build-up of dirt or other debris.
  • Portable – Plenty of festivals and outdoor events are temporary, and the equipment used will need to be picked up and moved to other events quickly. Solar powered roof lights are ideal for this, as they require no hard wiring and once fitted can be left in place and transported, along with the portable toilet, to the next location.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Solar lighting has advanced to a point where it is difficult to spot the difference between your standard electric lights and your solar lighting source. They will delight guests as they walk along a path, lit prettily, once the sun goes down.
  • Cost effective – Our solar light units are (super!) quick to install, cost effective to purchase, and have no ongoing costs due to their off-grid nature – the perfect budget-friendly solution!
  • Safe – There are sometimes complications at outdoor events when the weather is bad and electrical equipment is exposed to the elements. It can be dangerous for your guests and cost a fortune if anything breaks due to water damage. All of our solar lighting is certified waterproof, eliminating these risks entirely.

Illuminate festivals and outdoor events with solar lighting

The electricity required to power a large multi-day music festival can be huge, making it difficult for organisers to accurately match supply with demand – ultimately costing them an arm and a leg.

There are many advantages to using solar lighting systems for your outdoor event that will not only benefit you and your guests, but also your bank account and the environment.

Get in touch with one of our friendly team members to discuss the steps you can take towards creating a greener event with Solareye today.

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